Rave New World- Topshop Australia Lookbook

Rave New World- Topshop Australia Lookbook

Rococo rocker, nineties rave kid and galaxy printed space cadets are just some of the styling suggestions Topshop are putting forward for seeing in 2013, with a new collection drop that is nothing short of printsanity. 

Spanning elaborate early seventies florals, complete with plunging point collars and feminine A-lines to clean but far from minimal Star Trek-luxe looks with lavish use of white, the four different trends the high street giant is championing are not for the faint-hearted. 

That being said, it is possible to pick out a few key pieces - the cross printed collarless jacket, prim lace pencil skirt, nebula jumper or printed floral ankle-grazers - and wear them in a way that is less extreme. Or not. You may as well start the year with a bit of intensity. 

(Images provided by Topshop Australia)

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