Top ten most awesome Madonna Looks

Top ten most awesome Madonna Looks

She’s the queen of pop and transformations. Madonna has been a goth, faux lesbian, children’s author, Marilyn Munroe, a bad actress and has rocked black eyebrows with blonde hair better than anybody I know. With over 20 years of looks to choose from, here are my top ten looks that Madonna has rocked.


10. Cowgirl Madonna

Madonna played the cowgirl in 2000 for her album ‘Music’ setting off a trend chain reaction of cowboy hats and denim jackets.


9. Madonna Suits Up

A fan of the androgynous, Madonna has enjoyed her fair share of role reversals. She has donned a three peice suit in a number of video clips and performances, namely in 2003's controversial MTV Music Awards performance with Britney Spears and Christina Aguleria, where she played the groom to her two brides.


8. Geisha Madonna

Remember when the Queen of pop went a bit goth? Her Geisha moment came in 1998 during the music video for “Nothing Really Matters” where she donned a red kimono by designer and long time friend Jean Paul Gaultier. Realising she was on a good thing, Madonna continued her Geisha phase during her “Drowned World Tour” in 2001.


7. Baseball Madonna

Yes, Madonna starring in Swept Away was a bad choice, but starring as a vivacious brunette baseball player in A League Of Their Own was a great choice. She looked hell good while doing it too.


6. Louis Vuitton Madonna

 Despite the bunny eared mistake made when Madonna wore head to toe Louis Vuitton to the MET Gala last year, she looked smoking hot in the same outfit as featured in the label’s autumn winter campaign.


5. Madonna does Slash

Madonna channels the Guns & Roses guitarist, but with better legs.


4. Marilyn Madonna

Introducing the look in her Material Girl 1985 video clip, Madonna paid homage to bombshell Marilyn Munroe by bleaching her tresses and donning voluptuous dresses and gloves. The look continued when Madonna attended the MTV awards with Michael Jackson as her date in 1991.


3. Versace Madonna 

Appointed as the new face of Versace in 2005, Madonna covered up in the Italian label looking a picture of class and elegance with porcelain skin and soft blond locks. Sex book what?



2. Disco Madonna

The ridiculously catchy “Confession on a dance floor” album in 2005 saw Madonna embrace a disco phase of toned legs, purple jumpsuits, roller skates and seventies flicked hair. Despite being 47 years old, the pop diva pulled off the high cut lycra with ease.


1. Desperately Seeking Madonna

The movie gave Madonna some acting cred early on in her career, but more than anything made her an eighties fashion icon. Playing the character of Susan, Madonna pulled off the carefree attitude and style effortlessly. The movie is a great snapshot for the better half of eighties fashion, and the jacket worn by Susan is to die for.


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    Other golden Madge lookbooks: bottle-blonde, nose-pierced Bronx skank in the video Secret, a Matrix dominatrix in Human Nature and a shapeshifting Morticia in Frozen. If Guy Ritchie didn't like her personality he shoulv'de waited another month instead of divorcing her lol.
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