Le Specs Summer 2012 campaign - Behind the scenes

Le Specs Summer 2012 campaign  - Behind the scenes

Retro-sexy Le Specs have kicked it up a notch with their Summer campaign this season. Shot in Sydney by Todd Barry (who can usually be found in NYC) the campaign stars mod-of-the-moment Nicole Pollard and was styled by former Vogue girl and nationally, fashionably beloved Meg Gray. 

The campaign has the beachy gloss of a high summer Dolce and Gabanna shoot, but because this is Le Specs, it's been tempered with a fair batch of kitsch. There's something pretty delightful about a full-blown sexy face, deep tan and sandy wetsuit mixed with a pair of diamond-lensed, round framed glasses. It's almost like the photographs are winking at you the whole time.

This becomes even more apparent in the behind the scenes shots we've pulled together where you can see, among other fun moments, a high-cut tog being delicately tugged into a wedgie.  Given this was done in-studio, we'd like you to imagine, just for a moment, the models being wetted down and spritzed with salt to acquire that perfect level of surf-affect. 

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