First look at ManiaMania's AW13 'Performance' collection

First look at ManiaMania's AW13 'Performance' collection

Home-grown jewellery juggernaut ManiaMania have released their decadent Autumn/ Winter 2013 collection, and, with super-slashie model-musican Jamie Bochert fronting the range’s campaign, it’s little surprise the iconic Australian accessories house cites “the concept of ‘Muse’” as its prime source of inspiration.

Designers Tamila Purvis and Melanie Kamsler christened the collection ‘Performance’ and note the synergic pieces “riff on styles and moods from an original cast of progressive bohemians” while drawing on “the underground scenes of Laurel Canyon and San Francisco in the 1960s and 1970s [where people] lived for love, the moment and the music.”

The harmonious offering – whether creative direction intended or not – has traces of an almost Gatsby-esque aesthetic, if, of course, Daisy Buchanan was a Gen-Y, Aussie-living-in-New-York expat with affinity for healing crystals.

Brass, silver, clear quartz, smokey quartz and amazonite are the most recurrent materials used this season, with unique, natural shapes and textures continuing ManiaMania’s essential brand.

Of the yet-to-drop pendants, rings, charms, cuffs and statement head and neck adornments, ManiaMania say they've paid homage to “albums, people, places and dreams” combined “in a range of contemporary forms laden with the magical powers of crystals.”

If that’s a little too esoteric for you, let me just shoot straight: it’s very pretty, and we'd like all of it, please.

The campaign was shot in New York at the famous Waldorf Astoria Hotel by Stacey Mark. Model is Jamie Bochert, Creative Direction by Tamila Purvis & Melanie Kamsler (ManiaMania). More at


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