Camilla and Marc AW 13 Lookbook

Camilla and Marc AW 13 Lookbook

Excepting two collarless jackets in black and white, their slender fit and gold double buttons aligned with military precision, Camilla and Marc’s AW13 collection ‘The Fundamentals’ has an ironic title.

Pretty, girly party dresses that cinch in the waist and fall just before the point where thighs stop being skinny, peplums, flashy printed suits, and lace all-in-ones are far from the building blocks that make a wardrobe. These items aren’t essential, basic, or fundamental in any form. Even simple pieces – black trousers, say – have been gussied up, or rather, down, with the addition of low drop-crotches.

No one needs the clothes Camilla and Marc make, in much the same way no one needs to drink champagne at parties, stay out dancing till three in the morning, then spend all of the next day lying on the beach. People do not do these things because they need to, but because they want to. These are clothes for a life where practicality plays second fiddle to fun. They’re for a girl who might have cause for a cocktail dress, or even a delightful little disco-stopper (I’m partial to the bold black and white stripped iteration, with a frill at the bottom).

This season’s garments – based on the beauty in asymmetry – have picked up a tougher edge of camo, but they’re still effervescent. They are designed for girls who are taut and unafraid, the kind of girls many girls want to be. Whenever I peer at the racks of inner city dry cleaners, I spot dozens of Camilla and Marc prints. I have no doubt this season’s gilded rose and chain bound hero print will enjoy the same popularity. Camilla and Marc may not be practical, but they’re very pragmatic. 

(Images provided courtesy of Camilla and Marc)

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