adidas All In - backstage exclusive

adidas All In - backstage exclusive

Yesterday in Sydney adidas went “All In” with their Autumn/Winter  2013 presentation, recruiting Manuscript fashion director and all around styling savant Jolyon Mason to mash together the brand’s multitudinous lines* into one big fashion show.

Out on the runway, we were treated to some pretty amazing moments, including one adorably shy model-tot and the ridiculously muscular Lewis Grant taking to the catwalk in Jeremy Scott for adidas Originals leopard print, kitty eared beanie-scarf.

Backstage looked even more fun, as these images by Jake Terrey show.  Perhaps more than any other brand, adidas have managed to trade on their heritage and dive into the present moment, remaking everything from 90s rave culture (Jeremy Scott) to sportsluxe (Stella McCartney) and just straight out sportswear as day-wear. Oh, and did we mention the shirtless male models?

*From adidas Orginials to Training to Stella McCartney, we were struggling to name all the areas the lifestyle brand encompasses pre-show

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