Top 10 phenomenal Halloween makeup tutorials

Top 10 phenomenal Halloween makeup tutorials

Given TheVine’s unrelenting commitment to public service, we’ve already kindly informed you which tacky topical Halloween costumes to avoid at your upcoming costume bashes – those planning to rock a sugar skull and flower crown, you have been warned – but if you’re imagination isn’t overly active, never fear! The internet is dense with people of ample skill who, while creative to boot, lack day jobs. YouTube’s beauty channels have exploded in the last few weeks with every mascara-wand waving Michelle Phan wannabe bestowing a global audience with their take on the corpse bride, vampire vixen and spookily sultry Snow White. We dug a bit deeper though, and combed through the darkest alcoves of the beauty web to find you these Halloween make-up gems. I was going to keep them for myself, but imagine the unadulterated joy you'd feel if you rocked up to a party and everyone transformed themselves into a Lichtenstein comic character. Enjoy the pristine peacocking gear, and send us pictures if you manage (or even poorly attempt!) to execute the looks below.

Tim Burton’s Corpse Bride

Ok, I know I said we dug deeper than your standard corpse bride, but posted by the irreverent dope211, this execution avoids predictable under-eye bruising, ripped veils and Hot Dollar-bought blood stains on a white lace Supre number. Ladies and Gentlemen, the fabulous recreation of Tim Burton’s 2005 Corpse Bride, as originally played by Helena Bonham Carter. Alternatively, you could just dress up as the perpetually (and occasionally even stylishly) frightful HBC.


I understand that some of you insist on the old zombie gag - zombie Harry Potters, zombie Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes, zombie Lana Del Rey (that’s actually getting a bit too close to a corpse bride) and on it goes - but if you must recreate a face-eating, bath-salt-chewing, Miami-police-scaring edition to society, at least emulate the extremely clever use of Kleenex in this video:

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