Death by testicle squeezing and more bizarre health headlines from around the world

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A tooth for a tooth (only the second tooth was metaphorical)

Across the interwebs an article has gone viral about a dentist lady who, afer being dumped, pulled out her ex’s teeth. Every. Last. One. While we’re familiar with the clichés – “Break ups hurt” and “Karma comes back to bite everyone” – we never realised how literal they could be. 45-year-old dentist, Marek Olszewski became the real victim of the split after he visited 34-year-old Anna Mackowiak for a toothache. “I didn’t have any reason to doubt her – I mean, I thought she was a professional”, he said. “I tried to be professional and detach myself from my emotions, but when I saw him lying there I just thought, what a b!#@$!d”, she responded. Let’s be honest, Mackowiak did what every dump-ee with access to pliers and anaesthetic would do. Only, now that she’s 32 teeth richer, she may face up to three years in a Polish jail. Oh, and Olszewski’s new girlfriend dumped him after the incident too, because, well, she can’t date someone with no teeth. Der.

Death by testicle squeezing (yes, really)

In other painful news, a man in China died last week over an alleged parking dispute. The method? Testical squeezing. Now, we know things can get ugly in the car park, hell, I’ve been at the brunt and the perpetrator of many expletives directly correlated to my potential car spot being threatened. But even this is pushing it for me. China News 24 has reported that as a woman came to pick up her child from school, she attempted to park in front of a local store, but the store owner wouldn’t allow it. Now, at this point, I would’ve just parked there anyway, abused a stranger and got on with my day, but no, the fight escalated to such heights the Mrs had to call her brother and husband to ward off the parking prohibitor. According to the Huffington Post, “At some point in the fracas, the woman grabbed the man's testicles and squeezed them until he collapsed. He was taken to a hospital for treatment and later died.”

I’m just going to leave you all to think about that for a moment.

Some more revelations about how awful humans really are (no fat chicks is actually a real work-place prejudice)

A study conducted by scientists at the University of Manchester and Melbourne’s Monash University found that overweight women are far less likely to be hired than their slimmer rivals, and, once employed, they are paid less and given more menial tasks. To prove this hypothesis, 102 students were asked to look at the CVs and photos of what they were told were 12 different women. In reality, it was six different women, with the photographs being taken before and after-weight loss surgery. According to The Daily Mail, “The students were asked to rate the candidates on their leadership potential, whether they would be likely to select them for a job and what sort of starting salary they would offer.  They were also asked to rank them in terms of how successful they thought they would be. The findings, published in the International Journal of Obesity, show that the overweight candidates were overall rated far lower than those who were slimmer. The students awarded them lower salaries and predicted that they would be far less successful within the company.”

Kerry O’Brien, the lead researcher from Monah University said of the results, “Our findings show that there is a clear need to address obesity discrimination, particularly against females who tend to bear the brunt of anti-fat prejudice.” And, that really, the prejudices were just projections of how people saw themselves.


Why soft drinks are bad for you (revolutionary, I know)

Wow, this week I’m really onto some next level revelations. For all those fizzy drink fanatics amongst us, just know, a pathologist has ruled that the excessive Coke (of the a-Cola type) habit “probably” played a part in the death of 30-year-old New Zealand woman, Natasha Harris, who drank between eight and 10 liters of the stuff a day. A DAY.

Now, while many an article have angled that Coke should put labels on their drinks, and that consumers should know how addictive they are (which are all valid points) it must be noted that this woman smoked over 30 cigarettes a day and ‘ate little’. I’m just saying.

And for something slightly more constructive...

Thinking in a foreign language can improve your decision making skills. So, if you are known to make some impaired choices while shopping/ drinking/ driving/ living, next time you want to drop $700 on a net-a-porter scarf at 2.30am after running into an ex... Sorry I forgot my point. Right, maybe just reconsider in French. Or Italian. Or even Swahili. Whatever floats your boat. Because, let’s face it, Est-cu une bonne idée? is far more stern than Is this a good idea? Just as a side note though, if you’re asking, you probably already know the answer. You can read the science behind all that here.

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