Top 10 movie roles for Breaking Bad's Aaron Paul

Top 10 movie roles for Breaking Bad's Aaron Paul

Anybody with a maxed internet quota did a double take last year on the news that Breaking Bad would be wrapping up after its current season. No more Schrader, no more Mike, no more Skyler, and no more Walt or Jesse. What a boner.

It raises the question: what’s up for the show’s stars, Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul? You suspect Cranston will be fine – he’d already established himself as a character actor of some note, making his mark with a recurring role in Seinfeld before going on to lynchpin Malcolm in the Middle. More recently, he’s thrown himself into feature films, appearing in Drive, John Carter (yeah, word, but it counts), Total Recall and Argo.

Paul’s future is a little more uncertain. He may have twice won the Emmy for Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Drama Series but – much like their relationship on-screen – a post-Breaking Bad career is in danger of being overshadowed by that of his co-star. 

With this in mind, we thought we’d give the dude some advice and outline ten big screen roles for which he’s custom made. Fuck cameos in NCIS

Hollywood, may we introduce Mr Aaron Paul.


10. Snake Plisskin in Escape From New York 

Combat pants, singlet, boots. That’s all you need to play John Carpenter’s cack-eyed anti-hero, Snake Plisskin. Plisskin has Jesse Pinkman’s disregard for authority, but with less of an amphetamine and more of an industrial strength barbiturate vibe. It’s the perfect role, because much like Plisskin is an anti-hero, the role itself requires a form of anti-acting – do nothing and let Adrienne Barbeau’s bust take all the attention.

9. Feyd-Rautha in Dune 

Ever since the bloated load of 80s spaceshit that was the Dune feature film, fans of Frank Herbert’s novels have been crying for a remake (note: the mini-series shot in the Sci-Fi Channel loading dock doesn’t count). This could be great: Peter O’Toole once made the comment that acting is all in the eyes, and Paul has this down pat. He’d do well as Baron Harkonnen’s arsehole nephew. 

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