SBS Launches Young-Person Channel: SBS 2

SBS just announced the launch of a new channel, SBS 2 targeted at ‘Bold, thinking young people’ aged between 16-39. You know, the kind that don’t own televisions. 

Launching in April, the new channel will be “a place to share passion for emerging cultural ideas and experiences with diverse content from around the world that is edgy, adventurous and fun.” Which actually sounds pretty great.

SBS Managing Director Michael Ebeid said: “The new-look SBS 2 will deliver on SBS’s commitment to be a broadcaster which is there for all Australians by broadening and deepening our reach with younger audiences.

“We know that younger audiences engage with SBS when we broadcast key content like Go Back to Where You Came From, East West 101 and Housos but we want to give that audience a channel they can call their own and that is fully integrated with an online offering.

“SBS 2 will be a channel which is fun and inclusive and all about giving our younger audiences content in the fast-paced way they want it, when they want it and on a device they choose to view it.”

Here are some of the best sounding things about the new channel:



A new service from SBS on Demand that will post whole seasons of select shows before their official air date, so you can watch them all in a row. Further cementing your choice to opt for a Mac Book Pro over a wall-mounted wide-screen.



It’s hard to believe NBC’s very cult, Dan Harmon created comedy doesn't get more love in Australia, but there you GO!. If you haven’t been illegally downloading it for the last four years, now is the time to start watching.


A new daily news show

From May, SBS 2 will air and upload a 15 minute daily news programme that “will combine news of the day, topical commentary, pop culture and in-depth feature content and will use a free-flowing format to explore issues and news, enlisting young, multi-skilled journalists* both on and off screen to create and present the stories.”


But SBS-y sports, like The Hyundai A-League Football series.


Other shows the channel has picked up include Eddie Izzard helmed Bullet in the Face, doco series Don’t Tell My Mother, season seven of Skins (UK), Threesome, Him & Her, The Pitch, Good News along with Banksy’s two biggest video projects Antics Roadshow and Exit Through the Gift Shop.   

This article originally stated that Community was not previously on Australian free to air. This has been amended. 

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    Wednesday 20 Feb 2013 - 12:59 PM
    "It’s hard to believe NBC’s very cult, Dan Harmon created comedy isn’t on free-to-air already in Australia,"

    It's hard to believe because it isn't true. Go has been showing Community. They're behind a bit, but they're still showing it.
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