Foxtel announce 2013 line-up

Foxtel have officially announced their 2013 programming line-up, and for those morally opposed to torrents and lack an affinity to that warm, florescent computer-on-bed glow, the Australian pay TV broadcaster has more than a few small screen gems to get you through the year.

Stand out injections include Davil’s Playground – a for-the-network remake of the 1976 religious scandal series, a meaty Lifestyle show entitled Ask The Butcher and a brand new Crime and Investigation documentary series that delves into unexplained deaths in the outback, called Outback Coroner.

Old international favourites will hit home airwaves just hours after their U.S. premieres, with Girls, Game of Thrones, True Blood, Dexter, Boardwalk Empire, Sons of Anarchy, Enlightened, Veep, Eastbound and Down, Treme, The Newsroom and Mad Men all set to screen on Showcase.

If reality TV is more your thing, The Real Housewives jurrgernaut will be back with more backstabbing and botox action, while FOX8 has promised their eighth – yeas, which watch eight seasons of this drivel – season of Australia’s Next Top Model.

Otherwise, Masterchef’s Marion Grasby (who has now crossed over from free-to-air to cable) has been awarded her own cooking show unambiguously title Marion’s Thailand (SHE GOES TO Thailand and cooks) and celebrity chef Matt Moran will go “back to his roots in the country as he searches for the best produce available and meets some friends to create some amazing recipes and dishes” in From Paddock to Plate. Delectable!

If staying indoors isn’t as appetizing to you as it is us, Foxtel have also launched Foxtel Go, an “app that allows customers to watch Foxtel on [the] iPhone and iPod Touch, as well as iPad and iPad mini.” Now this is what they call a hobby.

Image credit: Games of Thrones/ HBO via Collider. 

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