Film and TV wishes for the year 2013

It's that time again! 

The time when I stay home weeping into a Cup A Soup while the world parties without me, er, I mean, that most glorious day of the year when we take stock and think about how we'd like the rapidly approaching year to go: that's right woodchuck chuckers, it's New Year's Eve!

And because I'm not in Gerry Marshall's heart-deadening movie of the same name, I'm not stuck in a broken down elevator with Ashton Kutcher and Lea Michele, so I can share with you my dreams for the forthcoming year of film and TV. 

Feel free to join me (unless you have a cool party to go to).

I wish...

For the Ten Network to rejoin the land of the living: Where did it all go wrong for Ten in 2012? They went from a generally unflappable lineup to dawdling in the lower echelons of the ratings. The network canned some of its better shows, and commissioned some incomprehensible stinkers (The Shire, that dropkick they lured from New Zealand with a fat paycheque that put paid to The Circle's budget). Only the sublime Puberty Blues offered any hope that the network wasn't 100% hurtling down the toilet faster than a lead turd. Memo to Ten in 2013: fewer drongo shock jocks, less reality TV, more quality local drama. Thanks!

To see if Lena Dunham's second season of Girls will incorporate the criticisms of season one: You've heard and read it all when it comes to Girls' shortcomings, so I won't repeat them. But given Dunham's assuring the press that she'd intended Girls to depict a diverse Manhattan/Brooklyn experience, it will be interesting to see if Season 2 sees her - the star, writer, director and producer - wrest control back from whoever it was who wasn't the star/writer/director/producer (the best boy grip, perhaps? Craft services?) that ensured Season 1 didn't reflect her wish for diversity. 

For Season 3 of Game Of Thrones to never end: My mourning upon the denouement of Game Of Thrones' second season was truly something to behold; once Sunday rolled around, I would rush to the TV room and then recoil with sorrow when I realised there was nothing to watch. Unfortunately, despite initial fan rumours that the producers would split the third book into two seasons, Season 3 will still only run to ten episodes - HOWEVER, each episode will be about four or five minutes longer than Season 1 and 2's episodes, at a kingly "56 or 57 minutes"

To see Burning Man sweep the AACTA Awards: My love of Jonathan Teplitzky's sublime 2011 film is well documented on TheVine, but just once more for good measure, I'll say it again: when it comes down to the AACTA Award battle for Best Film between Burning Man and The Sapphires, may the best - not the most feelgood - film win. Never forget Red Dog (Best Film, 2011). 

For the Hemsworth brothers to break out of the shackles of Studly Dude status and further reveal their true eccentricity to the world: 

To see the rest of Star Trek: Into Darkness: Earlier in the month I was lucky enough to watch the first nine minutes of J.J. Abrams' second instalment in his "alternate timeline" reboot of the beloved sci-fi series. I can't tell you exact details other than to note the following: the 3D (which is being done in post, due to issues with shooting stereoscopically that Abrams' finds hinders cinematography) looks amazing, as does the production design, and the film - well, the first nine minutes - has a giddily enjoyable, Raiders-ish mood. But having to wait until the US summer to see the rest will be unbearable! 

For Australian television to let go its obsession with wedding- and relationship-related reality programming: Between Don't Tell The Bride, Please Marry My Boy, Beauty & The Geek, Four Weddings, The Farmer Wants A Wife, and all the rest (and I'm sure there were countless others), Australian television has surely exhausted whatever little interest remained in watching CUBs splash outrageous amounts of cash on chocolate fountains and "gangster" themed receptions. 

And finally...

To see Jennifer Lawrence pull stupid faces all the way to the podium at the Academy Awards for her performance in Silver Linings Playbook: 

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