DJ Pauly D: “It’s awesome that I was able to impact the world”

DJ Pauly D: “It’s awesome that I was able to impact the world”

Though the all-consuming appeal of Jersey Shore dissipated somewhere between JWoww decking Sammie and Sitch Duck-phoning Betty Ford (while ratings erupted, fans became slightly less brazen) it never felt quite as inappropriate to weave in one of Pauly D’s famous lexicons – “Yeahhhh Buddy!”, “Caaabs are here”, “It’s T-shirt time” – over drinks as it did to declare your way-beyond-borderline obsession with the show amongst friends.

Since MTV introduced the network-saving celebration of trashbaggery in late 2009 – where eight then-unknown housemates spent the summer at New Jersey’s premier holiday destination, the Jersey Shore – the six season spanning reality programme’s reception has been nothing short of phenomenal. But in amongst the controversy – arrests, all-round debauchery and a cast not wholly made up of bona fide Italians – the show’s eternally calming force, Paul “DJ Pauly D” DelVecchio always came across as bizarrely inoffensive without being rendered obsolete.

Oscillating between being the show’s token clown, the group’s loose voice of reason and a nicely notorious ladies man, the now 32-year-old Rhode Islander has a rapidly burgeoning music career (he’s been signed to a three record deal with 50 Cent’s label) and has performed alongside Britney Spears, Nicki Minaj, Lady Gaga, Jennifer Lopez, The Black Eyed Peas, and Alicia Keys. Not bad! In August this year, the spin-off star was also ranked number 7 on Forbes’ inaugural top earning DJs listcle, raking in a casual $11 million. Nice guys really do finish first! (Well, seventh.)

Currently, the original slang purveyor is dropping beats in Las Vegas, but he's fetching up on Australian shores for the first time in January. He’s excited, and spoke candidly ahead of his tour with us about music, Snooki’s motherhood, and his search for real love. We’ve put some candidates forward already. 

Hey Pauly, how are you?

I’m good thank you! How are you?

I’m good thanks, so excited to be chatting with you today!

I’m excited to get over there and check it out. I’ve never been [to Australia]. 

What are your plans up until you arrive in Australia?

I’m just going to be DJing—I’m in Las Vegas right now, just DJing all over the place, trying to keep busy. 

Awesome! And once you’re here, what can people expect from your shows? 

So I like to give them a memorable experience, something that they’re going to remember. Something that they’re going to have a good time [to]. I play a lot of high energy music to keep the fists pumping. I want them to remember a Pauly D party. 

I’m sure it will be unforgettable. What are your expectations for your trip down under? Creeping, Aussie girls? 

Yeah, that’s what I hear! I heard a lot of good things. I haven’t heard any bad things about [Australia]. I heard it's beautiful weather out there, summertime, beautiful women... 

My editor actually has a massive crush on you...

Ohh so you guys gonna set me up on a blind date? We can do that! [laughs]

I’ll pass on the message! Do you feel like now you’re looking for love or something a little more serious maybe?

I think so. But for me, it’s really hard. Like I’m DJing, I’m in a different state every single day. What’s crazy is that it’s kind of hard to find somebody now more than ever. Even though there’s tonnes of girls all over the place all the time, it’s hard to find somebody that’s real. I want to find that though, because I’ve got a lot of amazing things going on in my life right now, and I don’t have that person to share it all with. Hopefully I can find that person. 

So what do you look for in a woman?

I’m big into a sense of humour – she has to be able to keep me laughing, and get my jokes too! [laughs] So I don’t want [someone who is] boring and dull. I like a sense of humour, takes care of herself, close with her family, stuff like that. 

When was the last serious relationship you were in?

My last serious relationship would have to be over five years ago. 

Well, we’ll find someone for you when you’re here.

Yeahhh! [laughs]. 

You’ve toured with some pretty big names already – like Britney Spears and Nicki Minaj – have you at all tried to distance yourself from the Jersey Shore fame in developing a serious musical career? Do you ever feel like people who have watched the show may not consider you to be a legitimate DJ?

Yes, I definitely deal with that. I deal with that a lot, and I think it’s one of the things I enjoy doing. I mean, DJing is where my heart’s at. I’ve been DJing since I was 15 years old, so a lot of people might not know that, so rather than me sit here and explain that, I’d like them to come to my show and they’ll say ‘”Wow, this kid really knows what he’s doing, he knows how to DJ. He’s not just a reality show DJ.” And so just those comments like that, when people go to my show and they say that, that’s what makes it all worth it. And I love to do that!

Can you tell me a bit about collaborating with 50 Cent and his record label, G-Note records? How did that come to fruition? 

Well 50 Cent, I’ve been looking up to him pretty much my whole life. I’ve been playing his music, I’ve had his posters in my DJ booth ever since I was little, and the chance came about where I wanted to start taking my music to the next level and start producing. I wanted to show him some tracks and stuff like that. So a while ago some record labels started reaching out to me, and then I heard that 50 Cent possibly had some interest in me, and so the second I heard that I didn’t take any other meetings with anybody else, I just went and met with him, and him and I, we just hit it off! Like, we just connected. I love his business work ethic, like the guy’s an amazing businessman, and very talented. We hit it off and I’m excited to be working with him and I’m excited to come out with my album as well. 

When does your album come out?

Well, I’m going to have the first single for the album coming out at the beginning of next year and the album I’m going to take my time with. I’m gonna pop out some singles here and there, and it will look about probably summer of next year for the album. It’s really exciting! 

Is there any music genre or artist, that under any circumstances, you will just not play? Like, there’s just no chance. 

Well, I pretty much play a lot stuff that you wouldn’t think that I would be playing. I play a little bit of everything, but I probably would stay away from country music. I don’t think it has any place in the club. 

Who are your favourite artists?

I’m a big Rihanna fan, I love her music. I love Lil Wayne, Pitbull... I’m a big Usher fan as well. I’m a Belieber! We talk, he’s a good kid.

On another note, are you sad Jersey Shore is coming to an end? Or are you ready to say your goodbyes? 

No, no I’m sad it’s coming to an end. Only because I can’t picture myself not filming with these guys in the summertime because we’ve been doing it for six seasons now, so it’s sad to see it go. At the same time, I’m happy to start my other projects, and I’m happy to have done this whole Jersey Shore experience, and meet my cast members. 

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