Details on the new Lena Dunham and Jenni Konner comedy

You may have heard of a little show called Girls. Yes? Thought so.

The comedy, which dominated Emmy nominations lists and cleaned out at this year’s Golden Globes is one of – if not the most – talked about shows of 2012, and fans of those delectable half-hour episodic dramas are in for another Dunham-spawned treat.

The show’s 26-year-old production prodigy, Lena Dunham, has collaborated with fellow Girls showrunner and executive producer Jenni Konner in developing an imminent HBO comedy inspired by the memoir of Bergdorf Goodman’s now 85-year-old personal shopping visionary, Betty Halbreich. 

It has been confirmed that the Girls masterminds will also draft the pilot based on Halbreich's memoir All Dressed Up and Nowhere to Go.

Halbriech, who has been running her prestigious New York shopping service since 1976 “has been the dresser and confidante of three generations of Manhattan socialites and stars including Joan Rivers, Meryl Streep, Sarah Jessica Parker, Katie Couric and Glenn Close.”

She has also lent her discerning (probably Dior-clad) hand to on an array of filmic and television productions, and according to Deadline Hollywood, “is known as much for her unparalleled eye for fashion as she is her unpretentious attitude and tart one-liners.”

While we can’t say Hannah Hovarth and her gang of perpetual train wrecks ever extend beyond the realm of wretched fashion faux-pas, their one-liners are always impeccably scripted and delivered – a Dunham signature we hope translates.

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