Ajay Rochester - 'It’s time to cut the crap!'

Words: Scott Ellis

Former Biggest Loser host Ajay Rochester has hit out at the reality weight loss show, accusing producers of faking weigh-ins, promoting dangerous weight-loss practices and reinstating an eliminated contestant who threatened legal action.

In a posting on her blog findingmymojo.com, Los Angeles-based Rochester hit back at season one Biggest Loser winner Adro Sarnelli for comments he had made about Rochester, apparently calling her ‘‘massive’’ on Facebook (in a post that has since been deleted).

Under the headline: ‘‘It’s time to cut the crap!’’, which paraphrases a Biggest Loser tagline ‘‘It’s time to cut the fat!’’, Rochester calls Sarnelli’s recent online comments (since deleted) ‘‘disgusting, pathetic and sad’’.

‘‘Adro, if you remember, you were eliminated by the game and fellow contestants but you threatened the producers with a court case and all sorts of things, which in the first year of a show, a costly court case and scandal was not what they wanted or needed to make the show a success,’’ Rochester writes.

‘‘You forced them into giving you another chance, threatening to make trouble for them and so they rewrote the series and gave you a second chance, reluctantly. You think you won that fair and square?’’

As her tirade continued, she claimed the show’s producers allowed him to weigh in ‘‘behind closed doors and a few days before filming so contestants had time to recover and look healthy’’, suggested he should have been drug tested and said that another contestant ‘‘drank bottles and bottles of tea tree oil’’ to lose weight. She summed up: ‘‘I would much rather have a large arse than a small mind like yours!’’

Both Network Ten and Fremantle Media, who produced The Biggest Loser at the time of Sarnelli’s win, have refused to comment.

This article initially appeared on The Sydney Morning Herald

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