Watch: Titus, the amazing trick basketball-shooting 2-year old

I really hope this isn't an ad for Nivea anti-aging cream or Monster Energy Drinks (Bubblegum flavour!) - that would really soil my day.

In favour of: acoustic strumming; warm fuzzy feelings.

In defence of: too niche; warm fuzzy feelings.

Titus is a two-year old who appears to have mastered a vast array of trick shots.According to the clip upload, this video was made when Titus was between "18 months and 24 months old". It goes on: "he began shooting baskets shortly after learning to walk, we started filming some, and then got totally carried away." Yes, he did.

If this kid doesn't grow to win all those half-time trick shots for big cash, then the world is an harsh and unjust tundra.

(Via Grantland)

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