Watch a New Teaser for Season Three Game of Thrones

It’d be interesting to find out the team that is responsible for Game of Thrones Season Three teasers, as their creative choices seem schizophrenic to say the least. First there was an underwhelming (but predictable) first offering, which was followed up by a totally engrossing pre-production video. Now, we have this latest contribution featuring a bird that flies around a modern city (but what happened to Westeros?!?!).

In this latest cut, the eponymous three-eyed crow of Bran’s imaginings is seen swooping around in a contemporary world that’s replete with skyscrapers and, somewhat confusingly, Paris’ Notre Dame cathedral.

Obviously, the weird creative choices and mishmash of images and visual effects that seem to be being issued by GoT headquarters every couple of months is unlikely to do anything to quash or extinguish our rampant enthusiasm for Season Three — if anything, we’re just happy to have a reminder that the release date of March 31st is creeping closer by the day. Hooray! 

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