Trailer for Terrence Malik’s latest film is released

To The Wonder is Terrence Malik’s latest cinematic foray—its worldwide release dates are smattered all over the first part of next year. The first trailer has just been released, and from what we can see, the film looks typically lush in its transcendental meditations on the nature of life and the things that comprise it.

This film stars Ben Affleck in the lead as an environmental inspector, who finds himself torn between two women: his French girlfriend (played by Olga Kurylenko), who has moved to the US to be with him, and childhood sweetheart (Rachel McAdams). In an interesting and mysterious addition, Javier Bardem plays a priest questioning his own faith, whose musings on love, its character and function serve as an oddly soothing and totally compelling voiceover to the trailer.

Whatever the nature of the subliminal (and more explicit) philosophy that the film is likely to contain, it looks just as visually arresting and moving as Malik’s other offerings, the most recent of which was Palme D’Or winning The Tree Of Life (2011).  

Watch the trailer below. 

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