The Golden Globes countdown begins

The Golden Globes countdown begins

The final countdown has begun in the lead-in to Awards Season™'s big two: the Academy Awards and The Golden Globes, the former of which begins its countdown when the countdown for the latter ends. 

With that convoluted introduction out of the way, here's another way of saying the same thing: this Sunday is the Golden Globes!

Of this year's nominees, Lincoln and Silver Linings Playbook are expected to dominate the winners; the TV results always tend to be a little less predictable, with most of this year's focus being on whether or not Girls can beat stalwart Modern Family for comedy gold (or Big Bang Theory might beat them both and annoy everyone). 

There are two camps when it comes to the Hollywood Foreign Press' night of nights, the first being that it's a no-good parade of people who win thanks only to the level of schmoozing done by their studios and agents, and the second being that it's a fine awards night and a reliable barometer of the eventual Academy Awards line-up. 

I'm more or less in the former camp; you may recall last year I expressed my myriad disappointment with the ceremony and its machinations: "Here is a fun fact about the Globes, or rather, the Hollywood Foreign Press Association: did you know there are only 90 members? This time last year, a lawsuit alleged that payola was rife among members of the HFPA around Globes time, or, as the lawsuit (brought by former publicist Michael Russell) said itself, “These actions perpetrate a fraud on the public, to which HFPA holds itself out as a charitable organization dedicated to recognizing excellence in film." It wasn't the first time the HFPA/Globes had been accused of shady dealings."

Whichever camp you sit in, this year's ceremony is at least certain to be brightened by the presence of Tina Fey and Amy Poehler as hosts (and definitely likely to be infinitely funnier than when Seth Macfarlane steps up to the plate for the Oscars):

Handy reminder that this is what Fey and Poehler looked like during previous host Ricky Gervais' opening monologue in 2012: 

But what do "the beautiful people of film and the horrible people of television" eat and drink at this "big sloppy party", you ask? 

Well, lucky for you, the HFPA has once again revealed the menu for this year's Globes, and it's heavy on stereotypical "luxury" and "extravagance". From a Buzzfeed Entertainment rundown: "The focal point of the dessert is cappuccino mousse dome (thickened with Kahlua), caged in a chilled chocolate spiral. 'On top of this we put a little orange caviar,' he continued. 'Then some green sugared almonds...' The final touch? Flakes of gold. Naturally."

Here's the dessert in question:

If you'd like to have a crack at recreating the Globes menu to accompany your inevitable drinking game when the ceremony rolls around (Sunday night PST, daytime Monday our time), all the recipes can be found here

Happy baking! Hooray for Hollywood!

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