So, who's gonna write the new Star Wars(es)?

Are you sick of hearing about Star Wars yet? Well, TOO BAD, because the latest news (and "news") about the upcoming Star Wars sequels is actually pretty exciting. 

To recap briefly, earlier in the month, Lucasfilm was bought out by Disney for a reported $4 billion. Rumours that Disney execs had dollar signs in their eyes as they signed the deal could not be confirmed, but they made it clear they planned to make good on George Lucas' long-held plans to make another three Star Wars films, sequels that would run on chronologically from Return Of The Jedi

Artist's impression of Disney execs upon adding Star Wars to their stable

Cue whining from skeptical SW fans, who were convinced that Disney would ruin their favourite franchise. To provide a sample of the general tone: "They should encase Lucas in carbonite and drop him in a black hole. I hate George Lucas now."

However! Things swiftly started to look up as rumours started to fly around which writers Disney would get on board to pen the sequels (after all, having offloaded his baby, Lucas is no longer in the writing/directing seat). 

Today, The Hollywood Reporter has reported that two very impressive names have signed on to get crazy with the Jedi mind tricks.

So sayeth THR: "Lawrence Kasdan and Simon Kinberg have closed deals to write instalments of the new Star Wars trilogy, sources tell The Hollywood Reporter. The pair will write either Episode VIII or Episode IX -- their exact division of responsibilities is yet to be determined -- and also will come aboard to produce the films. As THR previously reported, Oscar winner Michael Arndt (Toy Story 3, Little Miss Sunshine) is writing the script for Episode VII, the first of the new trilogy and the first Star Wars film to be made without the hands-on input of creator George Lucas. Kasdan and Kinberg would join Lucasfilm president Kathleen Kennedy as producers."

Not sure on who Kasdan is? Here are some clues: 

Yep, Kasdan wrote Raiders and Empire (and also Jedi, but we don't need to bring that up), so now would be a good time to start getting tentatively excited. He's also the chap at right in the photo accompanying this story.

Kinberg has chops, too, having written Mr & Mrs Smith, Sherlock Holmes, and the upcoming X-Men (First Class) sequel, Days Of Future Past.

Neither Disney nor Lucasfilm have issued comment so far, other than to say to expect an announcement via soon. 

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