Saoirse Ronan cast in Grand Budapest Hotel

Last month we gleefully reported on the casting details of Wes Anderson’s new film, Grand Budapest Hotel, a film that is already boasting a stellar line-up of Anderson regulars that includes Jason Schwartzman, Adrien Brody and Owen Wilson. New details have emerged surrounding the film’s female lead: the character will be played by Irish beauty Saoirse Ronan.

Earlier this week, Anderson told the L.A. Times that the film “mostly takes place around 85 years ago” and that it’s “it's kind of European ... a bit inspired partly by Hollywood Europe, and also by some European writers around that time.” All in all, it sounds like things are coming together quite nicely for the film, which will undoubtedly be another very stylistically impressionable venture.

Image credit: Alexandra Wyman/Getty Images North America

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