Rushes: Futurama cancelled (again), Iron Man 3 4D

Cue your most disappointed sounding Zoidberg noises: precisely ten years after it was first cancelled by Fox, it looks like Futurama has been cancelled... again [Deadline]. Comedy Central announced that this seventh season would be the show's last, finishing up on September 4th this year, about which creator Matt Groening had to say: "I’m very proud of the upcoming season. If this is indeed the end of Futurama, it’s a fantastic finish to a good, long run." The end, that is, until another network picks up the show and we do this all over again in 2023. 

Hey, does anyone know what's going on with Keanu Reeves at the moment? Apart from being immortal, he's been making some... interesting film choices. First there was that rather odd one with him hanging out (for sexy times?) with two chicks in New York, and now we have Man Of Tai Chi [Badass Digest]. Except this time around, Reeves is in the director's chair as well as in front of the camera. Whoa! 

Expect endless reams of blog posts about "I wish the tai chi class my grandma makes me go to was that cool" etc etc. 

Speaking of cool, or hugely irritating (take your pick), Iron Man 3 is on its way, and if you're lucky enough to be seeing it in Japan, prepare yourself for a 4D Iron Man 3 experience [AV Club]. No, they're not bringing back Sensurround or The Tingler, in fact, it's even worse than anything dreamed up between 1950 and 1978: "The format includes tilting seats, strobe lights, bubbles, wind machines, fog, and odors, so Japanese moviegoers will be able to smell Tony Stark’s skeevy cologne, Pepper Potts’ luscious locks, or Robert Downey Jr.’s fat, $50 million Avengers check." I hope the magical bubbles accompany Don Cheadle's every appearance onscreen! 

Has anyone seen Oblivion yet? Despite a pretty cool trailer that basically cast Tom Cruise as live action Wall-E, reviews have been muted (to say the least) and the dystopian science fiction flick has pretty much limped into town. That didn't stop it dominating (a generous word) the US box office [THR] this weekend: "Oblivion opened to $38.2 million at the domestic box office to come in No. 1 after a better-than-expected performance and despite a B- CinemaScore. Overseas, the Universal pic continued to please, grossing $33.7 million in its second weekend for an international cume of $112 million and worldwide total of $150.2 million. The movie marks Cruise's best North American opening outside of the Mission: Impossible franchise and War of the Worlds, not accounting for inflation, as well as his return to sci-fi (previous titles include War of the Worlds and Minority Report)." Praise Xenu!

News Just In: Matthew McConaughey still looks pretty weird after his Dallas Buyers Club weight loss! [THR]

Get a protein shake, broseph, you'll be back playing the bongos in no time!

For those of you who think Margaery Tyrell is the best thing to happen to Game Of Thrones in a long time, enjoy this interview with Natalie Dormer [Vulture]. Of Margaery and Joffrey's scene with the crossbow, she says: "You have to appreciate how badly that could have gone for her, too! Because Joffrey turned dark on a knife's edge the way he did with Sansa, and Margaery very quickly has to play a game of three-dimensional chess in her head to out-maneuver him and learn what makes him tick. That was the first scene I shot of the third series, Jack [Gleeson]'s and my first scene together. We didn't know each other as actors; we were trying to figure out the dynamic of how these two would interact, figure out each other's rhythms. But you have to marvel at Margaery — she passed the test, as it were."

Finally, if you've never seen the exquisite sci-fi comedy Galaxy Quest, or just haven't seen it for a while, then let Devin Faraci remind you how brilliant the turn-of-the-century flick is [Badass Digest]. Of Tim Allen's greatest work, Faraci says: "If you're a regular at this site i have a sneaking suspicion you're going to agree with the video above, where I name Galaxy Quest one of the most underrated movies of the last two decades. This spoof/homage of Star Trek manages to skewer fandom perfectly while also being a huge love letter to nerds and scifi in general. And Tim Allen does a great version of Asshole William Shatner!" Don't ask me, though, I'm just a girl with two Galaxy Quest tattoos. 

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