Ron Burgundy has a message for AFL fans, also knows good PR

Ron Burgundy, king of viral publicity, has blamed The Age's sports reporter Sam Lane for missing today's AFL grand final in Melbourne.

According to The Anchorman's latest video message to Australian fans, posted online just minutes before bounce down, a restraining order taken out by Lane forbids him from "traveling through international waters".

"My darling Samantha, I shouldn't have suggested you interview me in my Jacuzzi, that's just the kinda man I am," he said.

He was due to join the panel of the "Saturday Night Foot-ee News Team". Bruce McAvaney is said to be devastated. 

That hasn't stopped him from researching the sport which made Warwick Capper, Wayne Carey and Meatloaf famous. 

"What a day it is for the nation's sports fans, a day when the nation stops to watch men in tight shorts, with low IQs chasing someone called Sherrin."

He signed off with his trademark, "You stay classy Australia". Unfortunately the video wasn't published on YouTube early enough in Western Australia as Dockers fans are already drunk. Many of the Freo faithful have been lining up waiting for Perth pubs to open since 7am. 

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