Pleated Jeans presents - Better names for things

Pleated Jeans presents - Better names for things

If you know nothing about the internet, then you definitely won't have known that you have had an expletive lol session at the graces of Pleated Jeans at some point in your internet browsing career. Pleated Jeans (or personably, Jeff Wysaski) has a fantastic site and a great one to visit on your daily internet rounds, especially when he creates some gold, with is about 75-89% of the time.

It's sites like these, which kickstart the internet. The internet has to come from somewhere, right? It doesn't just magically appear from some sort of meme-like-child-god who sits in the darkness of rooms immersed purely in like-minded heavily dark and twisted kids? Oh wait, yes it does.

You see, not a lot of meme-esque websites actually create their own content, they just aggregate others in a tumblr type fashion, which is fine most of the time, but it's also refreshing to see people coming up with genuine lols on the frequent that are purely their own.

This is one of these moments.

You might know of - Better names for things, but when it goes IRL, you know you're gunna done lol, watch Jeff Wysaski go to his local Target and swap their signage with more logical names for things.

Fucken LOL

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