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Yesterday was the day NFL's annual family gift man bestows shiny paperweights upon the best sports team, and while most of us just tuned in to watch Beyonce, Super Bowl is also traditionally when the studios will allow the peasants a few extra seconds' worth of glimpses at their upcoming monster releases. This meant extended spots for the big summer tentpoles, including Star Trek: Into Darkness, Oz The Great And Powerful, and the best ones, Iron Man 3 and Fast & Furious 6

The other big Super Bowl news was, of course, the half-hour blackout just after half-time. Naturally the wits of the entertainment industry (and beyond) rose to the occasion [BuzzFeed]; my personal, hand-drawn award for best blackout tweet goes to MSNBC journo Dave Weigel: 

It's currently pilot season in Tinseltown, which means lots of actors scrambling to get five-line roles on 55-minute projects that will hopefully be picked up by networks. Some of the acquisition news so far will be of interest to Homeland fans (i.e. 97% of the population): CBS has ordered a pilot from Homeland executive producers Howard Gordon, Alex Gansa and Alex Cary [Deadline]. According to Deadline, Anatomy Of Violence "centers on a criminal psychologist with an expertise in sociopaths who partners with a young female detective with whom he shares a conflicted past". The network is also taking a comedy pilot from David E. Kelley, Crazy Ones, which will star Robin Williams. In network television, the '90s never ended!

This week's cover story over at The Hollywood Reporter is a fascinating feature on producer Kathleen Kennedy [THR], who was last June handpicked by George Lucas to take over his Lucasfilm empire, and her incredible career arc. It covers her time working with Steven Spielberg, her personal and working relationship with husband and co-producer Frank Marshall, and the upcoming Star Wars sequels: "[Star Wars] defined [Lucas'] life creatively in a way that he never anticipated. It's something I think about all the time. It took a lot for him to step away. And the fact that he turned it over to me -- I think, 'Oh my God, I have a huge responsibility to him.' He did say, 'You just do what you do.' I said, 'OK. I'll figure out what that is.' " 

In awful news that will please nobody, we're now getting not one but two completely irrelevant Hercules movies in the next few years. First, Renny "Die Hard 2, Ex-Husband Of Geena Davis" Harlin announced Hercules 3D (deep title, bro!); now, Brett Ratner and The Rock are teaming up for their own Herc project [IWatchStuff]: "What's more, while Ratner and Rock's Hercules: The Thracian Wars is scheduled for August 8, 2014, Harlin's film is being hastily prepped to beat them to theaters, with the studio already jumping into casting with an eye on a release next March". It'll be just like Deep Impact vs Armageddon all over again, but with way less Aerosmith. 

Are you still reeling from OMG SPOILER ALERT the big kiss on New Girl? Todd VanDerWerff has revealed the depths of his personal shame and wonders aloud what the smooch will mean for everyone's favourite Tumblr scourge, shippers - and that he too, is a New Girl shipper [The AV Club], sort of: "See, when I said I was a shipper, that wasn’t exactly the truth. What I am is something closer to a 'friendship shipper.' Instead of wanting to see two people on a show I like sleep together, I have a tendency to want to see them strike up a mutually beneficial friendship that skirts the uneasy lines of sexual politics and becomes a relationship of deep and abiding respect, but no more."

And finally, since it's likely you are not a Redditor but an actual human being, perhaps you missed this video of professional good sport Andy Serkis offering thoughts in character as Gollum at a Q&A [Reddit]:

Isn't it time for his honorary Oscar, guys?

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