Justin Timberlake snubs former *NSync members from his wedding

Justin Timberlake snubs former *NSync members from his wedding

The newly-named Mr Biel and MySpace mogul only had one former *NSync member – Chris Kirkpatrick – at his wedding last Friday.


Britney’s ex-amour did invite J.C. Chasez, who couldn’t attend because his brother was reportedly tying the knot in Florida on the same day (how convenient), and US Weekly reports that Lance Bass and Joey Fatone were barred from the guest list. Rude.

According to an unnamed ‘source’ (again, we question the legitimacy but will roll with the story anyway) "Justin thought a reunion would overshadow the wedding.

“And [also] Justin hates Lance now.”

The source didn’t cite reasons for the rift, but Bass only had good things to say about the couple at this year’s AMA nominations, "I just love that she's a guy's gal. She can get right in there and talk basketball, football and drink a beer with you, and that's what he needs. He needs someone who can hang with the guys." 

In other news, there were no classic *NSync tracks pumped at the wedding (not even Bye Bye Bye) and some of the first images of the nuptials have emerged in People magazine, if you’re interested.

Enjoy some of the band's happier times in the gallery above. 


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