Justin Bieber is making a sitcom

Presumably spurred by the incredible, inevitable success of his debut documentary, Never Say Never, AND the fact that it represents an as yet unexplored revenue stream, Justin Beiber and his “team” (i.e. omnipotent manager Scooter Braun) have just released news that a Justin Beiber sitcom is in development, in partnership with ABC.

Predictably, Bieber and Braun will executive produce the comedy, which will focus on the life of a wannabe pop star and his family in what we can only assume will be a kind of Hannah Montana vein. Cue lots of cringe-worthy moments, agonisingly curated outfits and gratuitous bursting into song. We’re predicting the show will burst into pop culture consciousness and then quickly fade into a background, where it will enjoy multiple seasons among not-so-silent hoards of teen girl disciples: the guarantors of its success.    

Image credit: Boris Roessler/EPA via NJ.com

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