'Girls' will be back for Season 3

Although this will come as no surprise to anyone even mildly in-tune with pop culture’s current favourite things, HBO has just made it official: Girls will be back for Season 3. Aside from being joyous news for most twentysomethings who relish in finding some comic familiarity in the daily debacles of Hannah and her team, the show is precious because it provides an apt stimulant for discussion about other important things, like Hollywood turning people thin, health issues and hypochondria, and that awkward sex doesn’t necessarily spell the end of the earth.

We’re evidently stoked, and so should you be. Given that the second season has barely lifted off it seems dumb to speculate on Season 3 starting dates (especially since new Game of Thrones will be dropping sometime between now and that time) but we be willing to wager it will probably be around this time next year. Whee!!!

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