Girls season two trailer

Given that we spent the majority of season one being exasperated with yet simultaneously weirdly identifying with Hannah’s inexplicable obsession with strange, flaky, child-man of boundless compassion and creativity, Adam, it seems only fitting that the trailer for season two opens with a video of his face (after a few obligatory shots of New York’s streetscape). We’re also happy to see that Hannah is suitably expanding her dating pool with a bevy of more stable-looking (read: less interesting) men. Apart from that, it looks as though it’s business as usual with the rest of the set—Shoshannah looks just as crazy, Jessa is giving off her regular vibe of “I’m confused but I don’t know it”, and Marnie is rocking her usual combo of angst-ridden and anal.  

In other words, yay! We can’t wait for January 13. 

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    Monday 03 Dec 2012 - 1:33 PM
    You and be both! I so cannot wait!!
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