Gallon Smashing is not the new Harlem Shake

On the Internet, memory is often as short lived as a meme-induced traffic spike. This is why you will see people calling ‘Gallon Smashing’ the new ‘Harlem Shake’. These people are wrong.  

Welcome to the first food wasting meme of 2013.

‘Harlem Shake’ like ‘Gangham Style’ is a pop song based meme, and falls into the same category as all of those delightful kids who worked together to make 'Call Me Maybe' what is was last year.

‘Gallon Smashing’ on the other hand, is based on silliness and the Funniest Home Videos-philosophy of stacking, not the joy of song.

Gallon Smashing is watchable largely for its makers’ skill at pratfalls, rather than any humour inherent in smashing giant milk bottles. If it does take off, it is the new breading.

Or if this flash in the pan turns into a full-blown grease fire, maybe it will be the new planking.

But likely, it will share the same fate as remarkably similar, equally moronic ‘Milking’, and go nowhere at all.

That being said, my browser history is a testament to the fact that Gallon Smashing’s alternate description: ‘ Emo-Twinks in tight jeans wrestle and fall over in milk’ is absolutely nothing new online. 

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