Disney won't stop until they've bought everything

If you've spent any time at all reading TheVine in the past week or so, you will hopefully be aware of the biggest news this side of Alf returning in Pog form, to wit, the purchase by Disney of LucasFilm.

To recap: "The move will give Disney rights to revive the Star Wars franchise, which it says will begin with a seventh Star Wars film in 2015, "with new films in the series coming every two or three years after that." Most importantly for film nerds, Lucas will be a consultant on future films - not a writer or director. Which means they might actually be good. “It’s now time for me to pass Star Wars to on to a new generation of filmmakers,” Mr. Lucas said in a statement. It was a long time ago George!"

Well, now rumours are afoot that Disney might be eyeing off another large entertainment company: Hasbro. 

Artist's impression of Disney's acquisitions department in action.

You know, the guys who make (or own the rights to) pretty much every major toy franchise in history. Connect 4: The Movie, anyone?

According to Indiewire: "The news comes from MTV Geek who say they "have it on good authority" that discussions are being had over caviar and champagne with big wigs at both companies. So, could it be true? Certainly, outside of "Transformers," Hasbro has been having a helluva time launching other properties with only "Stretch Armstrong" currently with a solid release date, while other titles like "Monopoly," "Ouija," "Clue," "Hungry Hungry Hippos," "Action Man" and more all remain brewing/stalled in development. A company like Disney could not only produce those pictures, but they already do multi-platform licensing and branding like a reflex, not to mention the numerous theme park opportunities. Moreover, they have worked with Hasbro before on countless toys and tie-ins so it seems like a slam dunk."

Disney's picking up Hasbro would be a surprising move, given that it was only back in June that Sony picked up the rights to Hasbro's TONKA (yes, officially all-caps) with an eye to making a TONKA (sorry) movie or franchise, and did so after Universal more or less dumped the brand after the disaster that was Battleship

However, as IndieWire goes on to note, Hasbro is the existing licensee for Star Wars universe (toys and tabletop games), so it would make sense should it turn out to be true. 

Additionally, Hasbro mainstay Mr Potato Head is already an adopted member of the Disney family thanks to his appearance in the Toy Story films.

Whether or not the purchase ends up becoming a reality will surely be seen soon enough. But if the rumours turn out to be true, get ready for Hungry Hungry Hippos: The Hungering.

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