Disney to expand Star Wars franchise

The Walt Disney Company has agreed to purchase Lucasfilm Ltd. from George Lucas for $4 billion in stocks and cash, according to the New York Times.

The move will give Disney rights to revive the Star Wars franchise, which it says will begin with a seventh Star Wars film in 2015, "with new films in the series coming every two or three years after that." Most importantly for film nerds, Lucas will be a consultant on future films - not a writer or director. Which means they might actually be good. “It’s now time for me to pass Star Wars to on to a new generation of filmmakers,” Mr. Lucas said in a statement. It was a long time ago George!


Jay Rasulo, the company’s chief financial officer, said Disney’s financial calculations in agreeing to the purchase Lucasfilm were driven almost entirely by the potential of the “Star Wars” series, which already has a place in the Disney theme parks. Mr. Rasulo said Lucasfilm’s licensing revenue comes mostly from toys and heavily from North America. Disney, he said, is positioned to extend the licensing business to other products and to strengthen it internationally.

Let the future director naming begin! Christopher Nolan for a gritty reboot? David Fincher for a slick tech-heavy future? Peter Jackson for an expansive intergalactic battle? Wes Anderson for a portrait of the fractured Skywalker family? We can feel a Top 10 coming on. In fact, Top 10 potential new Star Wars directors.

And Samuel L Jackson to revive his NSFW Darth Vader impression!

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