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Chris Brown punches feminism in the face and looking like Ryan Gosling - Celebrity Scrapbook

Chris Brown punches feminism in the face and looking like Ryan Gosling - Celebrity Scrapbook

*** WARNING: there is a penis in the gallery above. If your workplace is Not Safe For Penises - or you just don't like the look of them that much - you may not want to click all the way through. ***

In news this week: T-Pain decided to name his latest mixture after Heath Ledger; domestic abuser Chris Brown gave us more reason to loathe him with this post-Grammys tweet - although sadly, Rihanna is still collaborating on a song with him; Chloe Sevigny will soon be making an appearance on Nadine von Cohen's favourite show, SUV; Cuba Gooding Jr. went on the tele and discussed that one time his father asked Tom Cruise if he was gay; Millhouse turned into Skrillhouse; Jason Babeman became a father for the second time; and Katy Perry wasted no time telling Russell Brand what for in her new song.

In the photos above we've got paparazzi snaps of Keanu Reeves, Kylie Minogue, Liam Hemsworth, Ricky Martin, Nicki Minaj, Jon Hamm, Drizzy Drake, and others all doing their thing. And then there's the aforementioned totally nude photo of the man who (allegedly!) inspired Adele's heartbreaker album, 21.

I've also got this video of Nicolas Cage describing his acting technique as "nouveau shamanic" and telling us all about sewing ancient artefacts into his costumes, carrying onyx for its vibrations.

Valentine's day may have been and gone, gentlemen, but that's OK because any day is a good day to look more like Ryan Gosling. Meet Joey, he'll show you how (NB: it does help if you already look a lot like him).

And here's Youtube proof (is there any other kind!) that the Downton Abbey theme song is basically the X Files themesong. Spooky.

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