Britney Spears and Kevin Federline’s exes are dating each other

It’s Friday and this is a bit confusing, so bear with us as we untangle RadarOnline’s latest Britney and K-Fed update.

The pair, who were married in 2004 after a three-month romance and a nondenominational all-inclusive matching-velour-tracksuits ceremony (really, how can you come right after that?!) divorced after two children and a series of differences deemed ‘irreconcilable’ by Spears two years later.

But before Spears hooked up with back-up dancer and philanderer of note, Federline was doing the nasty (see: engaged to) with actress Shar Jackson, and had a daughter and son – Kori and Kaleb (“K” names are a thing in Hollywood) – with her. You following? Good.

Now, if you recall, Britney also had a 55-hour-husband, Jason Alexander, from a poorly (if at all) thought out Vegas wedding when the good old mates thought it’d be a good idea to get hitched.

But here’s the fun bit: Jason and Shar are now an item! Tell me you are not laughing.

According to RadarOnline, “Shar and Jason were introduced several years ago at a gifting suite in Los Angeles and have been friends ever since, but a few weeks ago they began dating.

“Shar has had a rough year after her assistant’s suicide, her best friend Yvette Wilson’s passing from cancer and her mother’s health issues. Jason stood by her side, and he gets along great with her children and has also faced a lot of the same media scrutiny that she has.”

Firstly, LOL. Secondly, what’s a gifting suit? And thirdly, what are they to eachother—ex’s ex? Or ex’s ex’s ex? I’m confused but wanted to take this opportunity to wish them only happiness in what will surely be a long-lasting future together. 

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