BeyonceBowl Takes Over

Kim Kardashian, that wise modern oracle, tweeted today “I heard there was a little football game at the Beyoncé concert today…is that true?”

She knows what’s going on. Bey’s appearance – which included the heavily rumoured reunion of Destiny’s Child – for the USA’s biggest TV and sporting event has got everyone a little distracted (read: totally nuts) from the oafs with big shoulder pads.

Emerging in front of a giant burning orange outline of herself, Beyoncé glowed. Belting out Crazy In Love, Love on Top, End of Time and Baby Boy, blowing kisses and crouching down to encourage the crowd (like they needed it), she danced her enviable butt off before Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams joined her for roof-shaking renditions of Independent Women Pt II and Single Ladies.

She topped it off with Halo and her radiance was so extreme, the Super Bowl Stadium had a blackout. Couldn’t handle it. We know how it feels. As another tweeter said, if you liked it, you should have put a backup generator on it.

Watch the glory of #BeyonceBowl below.

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