Beyonce is releasing an HBO documentary

Beyonce is releasing an HBO documentary

In the past two years, the concept of documentary filmmaking, and what a documentary can make at the box office has been exploded. We now know that the right kind of documentary can pull in a theatre gross a romantic comedy would respect.

Unfortunately it wasn't Sanna, An Inconvenient Truth, Cave of Forgotten Dreams or even March of the Penguins that got  us here, it was Justin Bieber's Never Say Never, and Katy Perry's Part of Me. Yes, second only to Michael Moore, no one can sell a documentary quite like a pop-star, and with the revenue streams in music rapidly evaporating, the need to diversify into other areas to make big cash is ever present.

Now even actual documentarian Morgan Spurlock, the man behind Super-Size Me and The Greatest Movie Ever Sold is rumoured to be directing a pop-umentary with One Direction. 

Queen Bey has been a bit behind the times when it comes to her marketing, preferring the classic celebrity-as-diety angle to new school Scooter Braun style availability, but in this instance, she's swooping in just at the right time. On February 16th, 2013 the Beyonce documentary will premiere.

Not only is her timing impeccable, in true Beyonce style, she's given the whole thing an air of legitimacy by partnering with HBO for the doco. 

The first teaser trailer, which features Bey-by bumps, paparazzi clashes and childhood footage, was released today:

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