An erotic fan fiction novel starring the Obamas is imminent

Now for something totally different: Guesthouse Games, an upcoming erotic novel with President and First Lady “Call-Me-Michelle” Obama as the story’s leads will hit the web in just one week.

Between all the inauguration fun (what, with Lupe Fiasco escorted off stage, Beyonce’s lip-syncing and Katy Perry’s... patriotic outfit) some bright star, somewhere tipped off the lovely ladies at Jezebel about a forthcoming 50 Shades style fictional epic starring the unassuming parents of Sasha and Malia.

“Available in 7 days online, at no charge” (ya hear that guys?! It's FREE) the storyline charts America’s prime couple as they appear “alone in their isolated beachfront guesthouse in the tropical paradise of Kailua, Hawaii” when “unexplained visit from a ghost needing help” catalyses an “exploration of their own deepest and most forbidden desires.” Mills & Boon, eat your heart out!

The not yet available story is not without – highly complex, we’re sure – complications: “Whilst searching for clues to understand who this mysterious girl is that begs for the couple's help, they uncover a number of rooms equipped to fulfill every type of erotic fantasy imaginable at the remote guesthouse they are staying at. But will our couple be able to resist the quest for sexual pleasure to help put the spirit to rest and bring about justice for a seventy year old tragedy? Or will they drown in the tides of history and their own passions?”

Cue ominous background music, portentous lighting and a foreboding screech from an ambivalent, ambiguous woman...

GROSS you guys, is nothing sacred anymore?!

[via Jezebel, Photo: Joe Raedle via the Sydney Morning Herald]

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