A musical about Courtney Love and Kurt Cobain?

Having crazy allegations thrown around in the unfolding-like-a-car-crash Britney Spears/ Sam Lufi court case is unsurprising, but Spears’ former manager/enabler/all round generally dodgy human being threw a real spanner in the works yesterday.

Amongst the predictably defamatory contract-breaching, fee-owing, drug-using claims against Britney, Lufti—who was the now X-Factor host’s manager during 2007 and 2008—said under oath yesterday that he and Courtney Love have big plans to re-tell the story of her late husband Kurt Cobain and his seminal grunge band Nirvana as a musical.

"We are currently working on a possible motion picture or Broadway musical based on the Nirvana catalogue, based on her life and Kurt Cobain's," Lutfi testified.

He then tried attempted to divert attention from his illuminating comments, saying in apology, “It's an idea. I'm sorry. I can't say anything more.”

Anyway, it’s been a tough couple of months for any Nirvana fans trying to preserve any semblance of a proud memory of the band. First Lana Del Rey covered Heart Shaped Box, then Courtney Love informed the Summertime Sadness singer that the lyrics were about her vagina, and just this week, news emerged that American programming network CBS is developing a sitcom entitled “Smells Like Teen Spirit” which is about a teen computing entrepreneur.

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