Watch the first four minutes of Warm Bodies

First, the good news: Warm Bodies, the upcoming "zombie rom com" starring Nicholas Hoult and Teresa Palmer, looks quite good!

We can say this with conviction because thanks to the fine folks at Fandango, you can now watch the first four minutes of the film online: 

Yes, it's a little "Adaptation for Shaun Of The Dead fans", but Hoult is always good value and based on this and the trailer at least, it appears there was one decent film left at the bottom of the overdone zombie genre barrel (World War Z, with its superfast CGI zombies, on the other hand...).

HOWEVER, and you knew there was a whine coming, at what point do we reach the nadir of pre-release publicity-mongering? 

It's necessary to ask this because in the past year we've seen the rise of the trailer-for-a-trailer trend, not to mention the ever-popular trailer that gives away the entire plot of the film (beloved, in particular, of Nicholas Sparks-esque romantic dramas). 

With this Warm Bodies excerpt - and others, including the extended Snow White & The Huntsman "trailer" that baffled me mere weeks from its release, and the large chunks of Young Adult that were scattered around the internet - the studios and, like the aforementioned Fandango, ticketing companies, appear to be at an all-time low in their distrust of moviegoers' ability to remain excited about a film without being fed great chunks of it in the lead up to its release.

A handy compare-and-contrast can be found by looking at the original teaser trailer for Jurassic Park

...Followed by the new trailer for the 3D rerelease: 

Yes, you could say that a rerelease is, in part, an exercise in nostalgia, ergo someone viewing the trailer has already seen the film and doesn't need to worry about spoilers (there is evidence of this in the mega-sentimental "REMEMBER..." titles). However, look at the Titanic 3D conversion: James Cameron and producer Jon Landau were adamant that a large slice of the market for the rerelease was people who'd not seen the film in 1997. Therefore, the Jurassic Park 3D trailer is a symptom of its time. 

It's possible - and I'm clutching at straws here - that the four minutes of Warm Bodies was released in order to assure fans of the book that the adaptation hasn't been mangled, which is a more optimistic slant than "The studio thinks we are dummies who will forget about the movie unless they keep battering us with trailer-trailers, trailers, teasers, extended trailers, viral campaigns and excerpts".

One of these days "going to the movies" will just be something that people do to see the last five minutes of the product they've already pieced together the preceding 85-115 minutes of. 

For those not deadened (a ho ho) by movie marketing's slow crawl to the bottom, Warm Bodies is due out in Australia on April 11th.   

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