Top Ten Movie Feasts

Top Ten Movie Feasts

What is it with movies and food? Oh right, human beings like to eat. In fact, they eat all the time. They even eat while watching movies. They’ll watch shows teaching them how to cook meals they’ll never make, buy books full of recipes they’ll never use, and stare at pictures of dishes they’ll never eat.

The real question is, why aren’t all movies full of food? Presumably because there’s only so many “As movies go, Bacon Double Cheeseburger is food for the soul” reviews a society can handle before it implodes. That being said, if there was ever a time for shameless food perving, that time is just before Christmas. 

10: The Big Feast. 

Also known as La Grande Bouffe, this 1973 film involves four men locking themselves away in a castle and gorging themselves to death, thus establishing something of a theme in food-related movies; either they’re lightweight feel-good films that glorify the act of consumption, or they’re scathing attacks on social mores that sink the boot into the very idea of consumption (that would explain the fart jokes in this clip). Either way, there’s usually a fair bit of sex thrown into the mix. Enjoy being lectured to about the sins of gluttony while hoeing into a bucket of popcorn the size of an oil drum!

9: Chocolat. 

It’s about chocolate, but the title is in French so you know it’s going to be classy chocolate. Presumably an Australian remake would be titled something like Caremello Koala – or, if it wanted to tap into the nostalgia market, Polly Waffle. Pour out a chocolate milk for our dead chocolate homie, everyone. Oh, the movie? The power of food opens up the hearts of a bunch of repressed chumps as Juliette Binoche opens a chocolate shop in a stuffy French village and turns it into party central while getting it on with a hot riverboat-dwelling Gypsy (Johnny Depp). Once again liking food is linked with liking sex, a fact strangely left out of every single diet book ever written.

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