Top 10 Sibling Movies

Top 10 Sibling Movies

How to sum up the mystery and majesty of sibling relationships in just ten films? Oh wait, most films about siblings are either wacky comedies or involve incest. Unless the siblings are twins, which is a whole ‘nother world of creepiness that we’re not going to get into here. Let’s just say that of all the thousands of movies features siblings, these are almost certainly some of them. Lucky we’re not talking about television or this would just be ten clips from that Brothers & Sisters show.

10. Shame

Well, aren't Brandon (Michael Fassbender) and Sissy (Carey Mulligan) aren’t a couple of good-time Charlies. He’s a sex addict – don’t worry, he’s amazingly handsome, so it’s just tragic instead of repulsive – and just when we’ve settled in to watch him have a whole bunch of somewhat unlikely random encounters with attractive women overwhelmed by his charm and good looks, along comes his sister with a different but complimentary range of no-fun issues. 

She’s messed up, he’s messed up, they don’t really get along but no-one understands them like each other; yep, that’s a pretty accurate description of most sibling relationships. Man, I hope my sister doesn’t read this. 

9. The Other Boleyn Girl

This is basically a movie version of “Surf City” by Jan & Dean, only when they sing “two girls for every boy” the boy they’re talking about is Henry the Eighth and the two girls are Anne and Mary Boleyn. 

Surprisingly, Jan & Dean left out all the stuff about Henry trying to find someone who could give him a son, Mr Boleyn Snr trying to palm his daughter Anne off to Henry as a mistress only to have him fall for the already married other daughter Mary, then he later marries Anne when he knocks her up only for her to fail to deliver a son, she has a miscarriage, then gets her brother to sleep with her to try and create a replacement baby, then she finally has her head cut off when Henry gets too confused by all this and forgets which sister he actually wants to keep. 

All of which later became a chart-topper for Ke$ha, so it all worked out. 

8. Hannah and Her Sisters

Going by the title you can probably guess what this film is doing here. 

Here’s Hannah, she has some sisters, Woody Allen isn’t in his gag-a-minute phase but he’s not yet deathly dull either, and while it’s not really fashionable to suggest a guy who married his stepdaughter is good with women, the female characters here are a lot better developed than the ones in every single Michael Bay movie and he never did anything half as dodgy as that in his personal life. 

That we know of. 

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