Top 10 real-life movie mysteries

Ghosts. Human sacrifice. Blood-sucking monsters. Sinister conspiracies. Evil curses. And that’s before the cameras start filming. 

While the movies themselves might be full of creepy goings-on, it seems that – if these ten stories are true - behind the scenes things are just as spooky. Especially if you’re a Nicolas Cage fan.


10. Sex in the sky in 'The Lion King'

It’s hardly news that most animators are sex-starved perverts who’d like nothing better than to contaminate the minds of America – and the world’s – youth. The history of animation is full of subliminal nude shots, vanishing underwear and sexual messages slipped in under the radar. 

The most blatant of these attempts to corrupt the youth? A scene three quarters of the way through The Lion King where Simba flops down on the ground at the edge of a cliff and throws up a puff of dust that – surprise surprise – just happens to spell out the word SEX. Well, it kind of does. Maybe. If you look closely. And you’ve already been told it says Sex. Ah, take a look for yourself:


9. Brandon Lee's death scene in 'The Crow'

After leading man Brandon Lee was accidentally shot and killed on camera during the filming of 1993’s The Crow, it was eventually decided to finish the film using a combination of body doubles and already filmed footage. But did that footage include the scene where he actually died? 

Even in its finished form The Crow is a movie where Brandon Lee gets shot a lot, so it seemed plausible that the fatal footage might have been found in the finished film. Unfortunately for those hoping to get themselves a cheap snuff film, the scene where Lee was shot dead for real isn’t in the finished film – there’s just a whole lot of fake shootings that are unpleasant to watch. 


8. 'Super Mario Brothers The Movie' predicted 9/11

Well yeah, obviously. Did you know that “plumbers” – just like Mario and Luigi – was what they called the covert spy team Richard Nixon used during Watergate? Or that many prominent experts on the “shadow government’ believe lizard people – yeah, like King Koopa – are behind the One World Government? 

So if you’re thinking of saying something stupid like “but the Trade Centre Towers were in loads of movies in the '80s and '90s, this is a total coincidence”, maybe you should watch this shocking and totally convincing footage first. 


7. 'The Blair Witch Project' is real

This sounds kind of silly now that calling a movie “found footage” really just means a lot of shaky hand-held shots. Did anyone see End of Watch? It opens with one of the cops explaining that he’ll be filming his patrols for acting class, then the very next shot is an aerial shot of the city at night – only he’s not a helicopter pilot. Guess he put his camera on a kite or something.

But back in 1999 found footage movies were still pretty new, and The Blair Witch Project went out of its way to pretend it really was based on actual footage found after a film crew went missing. With a whole load of fake supporting material out there and a fairly convincing film in theatres, it’s hardly surprising that a lot of people thought the whole thing was real. 

And then Blair Witch 2: Book of Shadows came out, which was kind of like sneaking downstairs to try and catch Santa Claus and instead finding your dad in a Santa suit passed out drunk on top of the presents with his pants down. Again.


6. Paul Walker was killed by the Illuminati

Sure, some people will try to tell you the Fast & Furious film star was murdered because he uncovered a “conspiracy to supply victims of Typhoon Haiyan with a prototype permanent birth control drug hidden in medicinal supplies and food aid.” But then Tia Tequila lifted the lid on what really happened, claiming it was a “ritualistic murder” linked to the Illuminati. 

Which totally makes sense: he died 13 years after making The Skulls (a movie that exposed the secrets of the hidden Skull & Bones society at Yale), crashing his car at 3.30am – a clear link to the 33 Degrees of Freemasonary. Wake up sheeple! 

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