The Other Fellow - life as a real James Bond

The name’s Bond. James Bond. No, not THAT one. Sheesh…

The name of one of the most famous fictional heroes of the last fifty years is quite a cross to bear for hundreds of men – a form of suffering unlikely to occur to most people.

Although George Lazenby told the Bond girl that snubbed him, “This never happened to the other fellow!” in 1969’s On Her Majesty’s Secret Service – the ‘other fellow’ being his predecessor Sean Connery – as it turns out, a lot happens to a number of other fellows with the name James Bond.

Australian film production company, Mindboggler, has made a documentary about these very men.

The Other Fellow, shot during the release of the latest Bond film, Skyfall, in September 2012, follows ten real James Bonds across the globe as they go about their lives.

Director Matthew Bowyer initially planned to follow just one James Bond, but soon realised it was not enough. Hundreds of Bonds were located through Google, Facebook and LinkedIn before the filmmakers chose “a unique few” whose course in life had been “forever altered” by the shadow of 007.

Some of these men were James Bond before James Bond was even a twinkle in Ian Fleming’s eye. Imagine having the theme song sung to you on a daily basis, or your partner deciding to dub themselves Moneypenny.

These are just some of the situations in which James Bond finds himself – er, themselves.

Based in Sydney, Mindboggler has previously been known for its commercial work for companies such as Suncorp and Microsoft Australia, and viral videos like the ‘Cat in Earthquake Melbourne’ (which Seven News fell for in June). The Other Fellow is their first foray into feature film.

The stars of the film are listed as: James Bond, James Bond, James Bond, Brad Davis, James Bond, James Bond, James Bond, Denise Bond, James Bond, James Bond with Marisa Bond and...James Bond.

Watch the trailer below and expect to see it at film festivals soon.

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