Robert Pattinson doesn’t care much for Twilight

As someone who bore witness to the fan mania surrounding the ubiquitous Twilight franchise, it is understandable that by the series’ final instalment, the male lead and heartthrob to a generation of teens (and Twi-mums) has tired of the vampire antics.

Yet the bona fide Internet and video-cutting experts at Buzzfeed have put together an extremely compelling supercut of R.Patz denouncing the vampire epic in press interviews that date back to Twilight’s primary chapter four years ago.

Long before K.Stew’s salacious who-cares-if-it-was-real-or-fake cheating scandal and the currently in cinemas Breaking Dawn: Part 2 finale, the man who breathes life into Stephanie Meyer’s immortal heartthrob, Edward Cullen, was filled with disdain for the supernatural story, slipping in interviews what he really thought of the book’s author – “this woman is mad” – and upon reading the novels initially, “it seemed like it was a book that wasn't supposed to be published.” Don’t beat around the bush, Rob – tell us how you really feel.

Anyway, by no means are we implying that Mr Cullen is ungrateful for his $40 million Twilight paycheck – he probably just identified more with the character of Cedric Diggory. Understandable. 

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