Maybe the most deserving Kickstarter ever

If you're either a) a comic nerd, b) a film fan, c) a fan of subpar schlock, d) a "failed projects" enthusiast, or e) some sort of unholy combination of all of the above, chances are you know about the greatest superhero movie that never was, Tim Burton's Superman Lives

Back in the twilight years between Christopher Reeve's take on the nicest alien in the DC Universe, and poor, forgotten - so forgotten I actually genuinely forgot his name for a good two minutes there - Brandon Routh, Burton was keen to get a Superman film up and running. 

The ball started rolling in 1996 when Kevin Smith pitched a story idea to producer Jon Peters, and it all got weirder/worse from there (Superman fights a giant spider, anyone?) culminating in Burton vacating the director's chair and Will Smith being offered the role of Superman before it all fell in a heap. 

Until now, all we've had were snippets of information, such as this mystifying costume test photo of planned Man Of Steel, Nic Cage: 

...And this test footage of the planned, er, Rainbow Serpent rave-inspired suit?

Well! The fine folks at The AV Club have shone a light on a Kicktarter project that could finally answer all the questions we have left unanswered about this bizarre misfire.  

In the spirit of Lost In La Mancha (the doco about Terry Gilliam's failed attempt to make a Don Quixote adaptation), Jon Schnepp of Metalocalypse and Venture Bros hopes to make a documentary, The Death Of Superman Lives, that will shine a light on the mystery of the multi-million dollar disaster. 

So he says: "I’ve been interested in this film since it was first announced back in the late 90’s. Nicolas Cage was announced as Superman, Kevin Smith was announced as the Writer, Tim Burton was announced as the Director, and fans have had very heavy opinions, both positive and negative, on all of this. As news slowly bubbled out, news buzzed around about Rainbow Robot Outfits, Brainiac Skull ships, Superman not "flying", Fighting a Giant Spider, Polar Bears guarding the Fortress of Solitude. It all sounded so crazy, so weird, so different, that I honestly was hoping that they would actually make it, just so we would have something different from what had come before. It never happened. Cut to almost 15 years later, and I really wish I could slap that “Superman Lives” disc into my player, and watch this guaranteed weird, strange, and original new take on the mythology of the Superman character. By this time, whether it was a success or failure at the box office, It would have for sure been a cult classic, due mainly to its inspired casting, and its tremendous bravery in it’s attempt to merge toy sales with the weirdness."

Watch the pitch here: 

Schnepp wants to get the doco ready in time for this year's San Diego Comic-Con International, which is in mid-July this year. Sound like something you want to watch? Chuck him a few bucks and cross your fingers that Cage gets on board. 

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