Liberty Ross portrays scorned wife in 'Thinly Veiled'

Liberty Ross portrays scorned wife in 'Thinly Veiled'

Rupert Sanders and Kristen Stewart’s candid kiss was 2012’s favourite affair.

Pictures of the committed Twilight actress pashing her married director on the Snow White and the Huntsman set spawned headlines, broke Twi-hearts and has forever cemented Stewart as a disgraced Trampire.

Emerging from the not-salacious-at-all scandal (no sex tape, lack of insights via phone hacks) was Liberty Ross, Sanders’ 33-year-old soon to be ex-wife. Immediately after the news broke, Ross apparently received a barrage of film offers, became a household name and lead Alexander Wang’s SS12/13 catwalk at September’s New York Fashion Week. You could say Ross enjoyed something of a revival.

But months after the media butchered, re-hashed and mis-contextualised the scandal’s every angle, Ross is in the spotlight again. This time, for her imminent Thinly Veiled movie, which is set to premiere in New York on March 1. In the drama, Ross plays a scorned wife, who, according to the trailer, kills (well, at least seeks revenge on) her scrubby husband’s mistress during a downward psychotic spiral.

Set in New York, the self-labelled “twisted”, “compelling” and “transformative” New York-based film “takes an uncompromising look into the lives of a diverse group of people bringing to light [the fact that] no one is completely innocent.” The characters include a disturbed child, a purportedly abused 20-something, a slimy curtor and a misplaced bloodied-up 50-Shades-fantasy-gone-wrong victim:

THINLY VEILED - TRAILER from Adolfo Doring on Vimeo.

Apparently, the self-believing film was shot in 2009 – three years before Ross and Sanders’ ‘irreconcilable differences’ unfolded – so I guess Thinly Veiled is more of a a self-fulfilling prophecy than it is an autobiographical statement. Still, the art/ life parallels are pretty spectacular (not that we plan on watching beyond the above preview). 

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