Charlize Theron - interview

Why do you think it’s so difficult for Hollywood to offer a female role like this?

Because when we make them, you guys don’t go and see them. That’s the truth. Are you kidding me? Hollywood is a place where if there is a demand, they will deliver and when females go and make these movies people don’t go and watch them.

So society is still sexist?

I didn’t say it. You can blame Hollywood all you want, but it’s a business and if those movies do well then they will make them. I mean, I hope this film is a huge success but I think a lot of it has to do with Ridley, the fact that he knows how to make this movie and I think that people love Ridley Scott and people are going to see this because it’s a Ridley Scott film. That’s just the truth.

Noomi Rapace called Ridley Scott a feminist, would you go that far?

I don’t like that word. I feel like it carries a really big weight to it that I think can rub people the wrong way. I think people still have an image in their head of women burning bras and I’m like ‘we have evolved a little bit’ but for some reason that word never evolved. 

I feel like we should let go of all the stigma and just tell good stories and good narrative and just leave it at that. I don’t necessarily want to be part of films that are carrying their politics on their sleeve. I just want to entertain.

How do you plan your career? Do you have a plan? Do you try to balance some big work with some small work?

I don’t think you can plan anything, I just don’t believe in that. I think you have free will, but that’s it. I think in this business the only thing that you can control is your decision and so once you have made the decision and the film, I think everything else is completely out of your control. So, the common sense tells me: make sure you pick the film that you really want to go and do, because if you start thinking ‘oh if I do this, then this will happen’ then it’s probably not going to happen and you will just be disappointed. At the least, I can say if the movie doesn’t succeed, creatively it was exactly what I wanted to do, which is exactly why I can’t regret any of the decisions I’ve made – even the bad ones – because I have really wanted to go and make those movies whether they have worked or not.

I feel like things are changing too. I don’t think actors can compartmentalise like that any more. 15 years ago, it was like you went and did your “acting indie”, your dirty acting indie that you didn’t get paid for and then you went and did your “sexy studio film” that you probably sucked in, but you got a million dollars for.

Then a handful of filmmakers showed up and they were like, "it doesn’t have to be that way." You can merge these two and actually make movies – you can make acting pieces within set pieces that are big and I think that’s where the industry is right now. I don’t think it’s one or the other, I feel like this is the first time when actors can say they want to be part of a good narrative and it’s a summer blockbuster.

Do you sometimes fantasize about aliens existing?

No, I don’t really, to be honest. I’m not like super obsessed with that stuff, but I love that world and I love watching those kind of movies like District 9. I love those kind of films but I don’t necessarily think about what’s out there. No, not so much.

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