Bret McKenzie working on new Muppets sequel

Flight of the Chonchords star Bret McKenzie has revealed to the TheVine that he's working on the music for a new, as yet unannounced Muppets movie.

Speaking to TheVine's Matt Shea ahead of the release of NZ production Two Little Boys, also starring Hamish Blake, McKenzie explained that he's currently in LA working on the project. "I’m working on a new Muppet film," he told TheVine. "Writing songs at the moment for Kermit. But yeah, it’s good."

McKenzie won an Oscar this year for his song 'Man or Muppet', featured in the 2011 film. Despite the acclaim that comes with the statue, he says it hasn't been cashing in on the higher profile it affords. "I guess I’m busier," McKenzie told us, "but it hasn’t changed too much, really. I’ve been lucky: I’ve been busy for quite a while now. One thing that has changed – an agent said to me: “If there’s anyone in Hollywood you want to talk to, or you’ve ever wanted to work with, now’s a good time to have a meeting.” Because with an Oscar, you can pretty much meet anyone [laughs]. I should really take them up on that and go and have lunch with some legends."

McKenzie also touched on his upcoming role in Peter Jackson's adaptation of the Hobbit, saying that he does a cameo as an elf - although he's not sure for how long. "I'm pretty sure it’s in the first one," he said. "But now that they’ve made three, I don’t know. But I’m pretty sure it’s the first one. I don’t think they can bring my character back, because it wouldn’t make sense. I’d have to show up later in the journey. “Hey Bilbo. I’ve just popped by to check how you’re going.” Maybe if Peter Jackson finds himself short of material he’ll give me a call. 

Sadly for fans of the TV series that propelled McKenzie and his Flight of the Conchords partner Jermaine Clement into global recognition, he doesn't see the show returning. "I can’t imagine we’d do a third season," he says. "That seems highly unlikely. Yeah, I’m not quite sure what more there is to do with those characters."

Stay tuned for our full interview with McKenzie here on TheVine. Watch the trailer for Two Little Boys below.

Two Little Boys is in cinemas on November 15th.

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