Alexander Skarsgard wanted for Tarzan

Alexander Skarsgard wanted for Tarzan

Variety is reporting that David Yates wants Alexander Skarsgard for the titular role in his Warner Bros backed Tarzan movie. Yates signed on as the film's director last week, though he has been in talks about the project for months.

The Harry Potter director is also eyeing Samuel L Jackson for a role as ex-mercenary come spy George Washington Williams.

The movie will centre on Tarzan’s return to the jungle, long after he has rejoined English society. Tarzan, AKA  John Clayton III is asked to return to the Congo by Queen Elizabeth II, to investigate a warlord. In order to do this, he partners with George Washington Williams. 

The Tarzan movie is set for a summer release, and Variety suggests other actors potentially up for the iconic role include Tom Hardy, Henry Cavill and Charlie Hunnam.  

Although there have been 89 Tarzan related films made, along with TV shows, radio, and dozens of novels and comic books, it has been over a decade since the morally upright ape-man has had a silver screen hit. What with all the super hero movies lately, it makes sense that the character is up for a reboot. Given both the director and potential lead's tendency towards dark twists, it will be interesting to see if Tarzan's one-dimensionally strong code of ethics survive in the adaptation. 

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