Best of the Interwebs - 87

Best of the Interwebs - 87

Déjà YEWWWW: When you remind yourself when you did sickcunt things like skip school and choof bilges.

Holy shit, grab a beer some snack this internet week is filled with heaps and heaps of lulz. Like, unusually heaps!

First up the epic epic LOLZ of Top 10 Gaming Fails

Fuck, hahahahahahahahahahaha... I dunno why, but n00bz are straight up hilarious

Shit nobody says

So many on point things! FAXING! PAPYRUS! UGH... Too good. 


Dog looks really annoyed?

Parents = Assholes

That kid really maintains the rage. I for one, would be ropable.

Hennessey Youngman: Damien Hirst


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